Tina, a natural born medium, started her work after the loss of her fiancé. Wanting to connect to the other side, her abilities soon expanded and she was able to make communication not only to her loved one, but to others in spirit as well. This led her on an amazing journey of finding her souls purpose, helping many to connect to their loved ones, teaching others how to connect, and delivering loving and peaceful messages. 

Welcome to my website. As a psychic medium and spiritual coach, my goal is to provide you with love, insight, and clarity from the spiritual realm. I'm inspired to help others and guide them on this journey. Love and teaching are my purpose. "Love is the magic for healing...Believe"

As a child, I was always sensitive to spirit and energy.  My mother was very spiritual and never dismissed my experiences. In fact, she was able to explain so much to me at a very young age, and as I grew older, my connection to the spirit world subsided as I was going through life's lessons.  It wasn't until a few years ago, when I lost my fiancé , that I was nudged back to my spiritual journey, and onto finding answers.  I was hurting so badly and I didn’t know where to turn. My heart was shattered.

One evening, as I was in deep grief, I was on my computer googling the word "Grief" and came across a book that was written by an author and channeled from a spirit guide.  That then led me to reading the material. I found myself absorbing all of the information and yearning for more.  It opened up so much for me, and soon all the synchronicities starting happening.  

I knew I was being guided and led by spirit.

It wasn’t long before I dived into the metaphysical, became a Usui Reiki practitioner, enrolled in psychic/mediumship courses to master my craft. Its been an amazing journey thus far. As a mom of two daughters, and owning my own company as well, I’ve been able to share some of my experiences to help inspire, encourage, and motivate others that spirit has sent to me. I am entirely grateful to spirit as I have been led to serve a higher purpose.

What do you do, and how can you do it?

I am an intuitive empath and psychic medium, which means I am able to use clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience to channel spirit with the help of my spirit team. I am able to work with energy, aid in healing, assist in guidance, and relay loving messages from your loved ones.  One of the many things I love to provide for people is clarity and healing -- To know that our loved ones are always with us; to teach others what the spirit world is like, and give comforting messages from our loved ones. 

 I have also taken the intermediate mediumship course with Mimi Bonhomme, which has been a beautiful and wonderful experience.  Currently I am a student of Colby Rebel, International Psychic Medium and Master Teacher and in the World Summit with World Renowned Psychic Medium, Lisa Williams. You can also find me on Blog Talk Radio every Friday evening 8:00 EST for enlightenment and readings at our radio program, through the Sacred Embers network.

It's a pleasure to be here and of service.

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Services & Pricing

Tina can connect to spirit guides or a specific loved one to offer healing, validation, guidance, and comforting messages to the sitter.

30 Minutes Mediumship/Intuitive Reading

$65.00 USD

60 Minutes Mediumship/Intuitive Reading

$100.00 USD

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Client Testimonials

Tina is extraordinary as a Medium/ Intuitive Empath. I felt calm and supported during the whole reading, and so much information during my session with Tina came through, that helped me see who I am in this particular earth journey, and my life purpose.
This was so important to me because I have been longing to know all that I can know, to fulfill my soul journey.
Tina was specific, clear, very in tuned to her guides, the angels, Erik and all of the spiritual family that came through to give me guidance and she truly listened beautifully to them from her heart center. Everything I was told resonated with me and whenever I need guidance of any kind, I will go to Tina for sessions because I could feel, that she was truly connected to the spirit realm and that messages came to her in the clearest way.
I thank You Tina for my session and I am honored that you read for me. I feel joyous now and can move on to fulfill my life purpose in this incarnation.
Much light, love and many blessings to you.
— Loreene McGougan
Tina is amazing! I had a reading with her recently. She was able to describe my grandfather at two separate ages - So cool to learn what he looked like (I don’t have pictures of when he was young). She was able to identify the town he was from to how he died. The message she gave me from my grandpa was so beautiful and brought me to tears. I later verified with my grandpa everything I didn’t know about him. I highly recommend Tina — you are in for a treat!!
— Pamela Wald Perkins
Thanks again for the reading today. The information you gave me about my mom was spot on! The description you gave , down to her physical attributes where so right it gave me chills. I was most touched when you said she was sorry for not being there for me as a child, but the illness took over. I understood that at an early age and have since forgiven her. When we spoke I could even smell her perfume that soft lilac smell and knew that my mom was with me at that moment. Thank you for giving me my mom back if only for a few minutes, I will cherish this forever, thanks Tina you have opened a new world for me, and because of you I can now look forward to “the other side” and look forward in seeing my love ones who have passed once again!
— Gisele Tiffany
Tina and I met as fellow classmates in a mediumship development course. I had the honor of receiving a reading from her. She channeled the spirit of a dear classmate of mine that died in 9th grade and who has been an integral part of my spiritual journey. The messages that she conveyed from him touched my heart, gave me a sense of inner peace, and brought purifying tears to my eyes. I felt as if concerns from all those years ago had finally been released. Thank you, Tina. You truly are a beacon of love and compassion.
— Lana Holmes

I connected with Tina this morning and was absolutely blown away by what she had to tell me. Not only were her validations spot on, but she brought through my son in spirit, and was able to describe him in such precise detail, that I had no doubt whatsoever that Tina is the real deal! What a pleasure to speak with you Tina!

— Sharon Zarchikoff

Just wanted to thank Tina Godin so much for her reading tonight. I left the conversation feeling so light and happy and loved and I wished I could have had a longer session. I am feeling a lot more confident in my abilities as she gave me the validation I much needed from spirit.

— Jade

I have had two readings now with Tina and in each one she made me feel very relaxed and that allowed me to open up even more for the reading. She was very clear and detailed in the reading and I could definitely feel her connection. After each reading I walked away not only with answers to what questions I may have had but also with a sense of what I needed to do for myself. In each reading Tina always had a suggestion of something that may help to even add more insight and direction. Whether it was reading a certain book, or even having a past life reading so I could help understand the spiritual connection. I truly feel I was drawn to Tina and the reason is to help me better develop and understand my purpose. I thank you so much Tina for the readings, the insight and I am truly honored, that you read for me.

— Michael McDougal

While speaking to Tina today the ones that I have been missing so much came forward…The best memories came forward its hard to explain. What was shared with me today she would have no idea about my memories. This I can promise you! It has been so long that I have had a solid nights sleep. When your heart is hurting it is so very difficult. Tina Godin I honestly don’t have the words powerful enough to thank you for what you have done for me today. You brought back memories that I only knew. I have honestly never had an experience like this in my life. I have been waiting so many years for this. I got it all today. Many of the words you shared with me filled my empty heart. May god bless and watch over you.

—Cathy Bouchard Martin

I just want to say thank you again Tina for helping me in my time of need. It means the world to me and I can’t thank you enough! I will never forget!

— Stacy Caron